Market making aimed at your profitability

Bitmaker focuses on creating a two-sided market and ensuring a continuous flow of buy and sell orders. By doing so, we increase trading volumes, attract traders and investors, and ultimately, generate profits for you from the trades

Bitmaker’s Trinity

The three pillars of our company ensure the success of your project

Innovative trading algorithms
Transparency in everything
Assistance at each step

Bitmaker allows you to profit from every trade on your token market

The Bitmaker algorithm incorporates an extensive range of over hundreds of tools, enabling us to generate profits for our clients with each transaction in their market

4 MAY 2023



How it works

Bitmaker aims to provide quality service, ensuring that the implemented solutions are adequate for the current market phase.

We shape our strategy to meet the present realities through an in-depth analysis of the market in general and a detailed examination of your token's market.

We understand the importance of project tokenomics and know how to select the best option.

Our experts will guide you through the details of tokenomics composition, ensuring optimal structuring of your cap table and vesting schedule for maximum value.

Equilibrium will help take the initiative into your own hands and become the leader in the market of your token.

Through detailed analysis, we search for optimal sets of price and liquidity parameters that form the basis of the trading process.

Bitmaker always has a clear strategy and action plan in case of implementing various probable events.

In our toolbox, we have sophisticated instruments and technologies to track market trends, assess risk levels, and adjust our strategies accordingly.

30+ exchanges in one touch

The sleek and intuitive design

We understand that market-making can be complex and fast-paced. With a clean and modern design, our platform provides clients with a clear view of their token market.

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